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亚博yabo手机-谢菲联vs利兹联 | 贝尔萨:客战谢联挑战巨大
名称:亚博yabo手机-谢菲联vs利兹联 | 贝尔萨:客战谢联挑战巨大

The achievements of Sheffield United in the past two seasons are very obvious, first from the promotion from the Premier League, and then the excellent performance in the Premier League season last year.


This is a team with a special style. Their playing style is very mature and works well. They have a very good head coach who can root his ideas in the players, and the players obviously feel very comfortable with this constantly strengthened system. This is one of the qualities of a good coach. This is a pragmatic team, very difficult to deal with. We think Sunday's game is a big challenge for us.


Hernandez still has a two-week recovery period to return. The team will remain basically unchanged. The only possible choice would be Taylor Roberts to replace Rodrigo.

埃尔南德斯仍有两周的康复期。该团队将基本保持不变。唯一可能的选择是泰勒·罗伯茨(Taylor Roberts)取代罗德里戈(Rodrigo)。

He is a central defender, and he can play in either left or right central defender position. Technically speaking, he has enough strength to compete in the Premier League, and he also has the ability to adapt to the physical requirements of the Premier League.


, But we will adapt if they do not come.


No, no, we plan to play three guards often. This is not to increase competition, because Skruik has already played a very important game against Liverpool. In addition, Koch is currently our only candidate for the right midfielder position. If he is injured, we must find a young man from the youth team, or remove Aylin or Phillips from this position. Since we Berardi and Ben White have already left, I believe we must be able to have two players that we can rely on in this position.

不,不,我们计划经常打三名后卫。这并不是要增加竞争,因为Skruik已经对阵利物浦的比赛非常重要。此外,科赫目前是我们在中场位置合适的唯一候选人。如果他受伤了,我们必须从青年队中找一个年轻人,或者从这个职位上撤走Aylin或Phillips。既然我们Berardi和Ben White已经离开,我相信我们必须能够有两个可以依靠这个位置的球员。

Compared with other coaches, I don't have any physical preference. Especially in the central defender position, this is the position where you run the least. So I think if he needs to play, he can. Before he reached an agreement on his transfer, he was ready for this week's game against Real Madrid. Therefore, if he can play against Real Madrid, then he is certainly ready to play for us. Of course, this recent week is indeed unusual for him. He needs to meet with his teammates and get used to it.


All games have something that makes them attractive, especially the Premier League games. As far as Sheffield United is concerned, this is a derby. They are a very good team and have a great understanding. For us, this is a great opportunity to compete with them.


I remember that in our away game, Jack Clark took advantage of an error by Sheffield United to score a goal. I still remember that from that time on, the head coach of Sheffield United had clear ideas and they were able to implement these ideas.

我记得在我们的客场比赛中,杰克·克拉克(Jack Clark)利用谢菲尔德联(Sheffield United)的失误得分。我仍然记得从那时起,谢菲尔德联队的总教练有了明确的想法,并且能够实施这些想法。

In these two games, there are two uncommon situations that happened to us:


We can get two enlightenments from this.


If there is a good opportunity to let Goetz rent out, then we will help him realize this wish. And if he stays with us, he will participate in the competition here because we think he is a very valuable player to us. Given that he has very little playing time in the first team, it is difficult to be sure of what I just said. But I really respect Goetz's football ability.


From my point of view, Rodrigo is a player with very, very important qualities.


I prefer to talk about the confirmed contracts.


I really feel that this is not true.


The answer I gave you is the same as the one I gave you, but one thing to add is that he has played for the first team many times. If he continues to be with us, he will be a very useful player in our project.


In principle,


You are right. Sheffield United's style of play is not very common, but they are not the only team that plays this way. Many teams appreciate their style of play and try to implement their style of play. add another point,


England has a variety of performances and styles, which are related to their fans. Fans force the team to work harder, instead of opportunistic and waiting for the opponent's mistakes.


In the whole world, as long as you win the game, speculation or waiting for your opponent to make a mistake is acceptable. Everyone likes victory. This phenomenon has been happening for a long time, and victory is more important than how you get it.


I am very modest to think that the current game in England is at a crossroads. Do you accept the victory and do not care about how to win, or the fans give the team this kind of motivation to ensure that they fight for victory.


I am not criticizing a play that is opportunistic or waiting for the opponent to make a mistake. The wrong thing is not to speculate or wait according to the rules, this is just another way of playing. I always think that the British people don't like their own team to play tricks, they prefer their own team to work hard. But now I don’t see this as clearly as before.


But in other leagues, it is very common for fans to put results before performance. I think in the England game, there is still controversy between these, not so specific. In any case, I have only been here for two years. Therefore, I cannot say with certainty that I am telling the truth.


I am not opposed to opportunism or defensive in the low post. Maybe I am not opposed to opportunism, I just refer to what I think is the correct way to play. Maybe I am not suitable to say this.


I don't know why I want to say this. Maybe I mentioned these as a mistake. But I always have an idea. British fans always like teams that look for victory instead of waiting for victory, and like to work hard instead of waiting for their opponents to make mistakes. In other parts of the world, there may be more teams playing tricks instead of trying to win. And I asked myself whether there is any kind of preference here.


This is just an idea of ​​mine, but I am not the right person to answer this question. Anyway, I don’t know if this issue is important.


The person to judge this should be the coach of the England national team. I always think that no matter who the coach of the England national team is, I shouldn't give him advice.


In all the derbys I have seen, or coached or analyzed, I have never seen the intensity and importance of the game between Newell Boys and Roasrio Central.

在我所见过的,执教或分析过的所有德比中,我从未见过纽维尔男孩队(Newell Boys)和罗阿斯里奥中心(Roasrio Central)之间的比赛强度和重要性。

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