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In the early morning of October 23, Beijing time, the Europa League reignited the war in the new season, and teams from various European leagues played in succession, dedicating a night of football feast for fans and friends.


At 00:55 on October 23, Beijing time, in the first round of Group B of the Europa League group stage, Arsenal challenged the Austrian team Viennese Quick. In the first half, David Luiz scored a header from the goal. In the second half, Leno made a mistake and gave a gift, Fuentas followed up with a low shot and scored, David Luiz headed the equalizer, and Aubameyang came off the bench to score the winning goal. In the end, Arsenal reversed Vienna 2-1 away quickly.

北京时间10月23日凌晨00:55,在欧罗巴联赛小组赛B组第一轮比赛中,阿森纳向奥地利维也纳快车队挑战。在上半场,大卫·路易斯(David Luiz)进球了。下半场,莱诺犯错并送出礼物,富埃塔斯(Fouentas)跟随低射得分,大卫·路易斯(David Luiz)领先扳平比分,奥巴梅扬(Aubameyang)替补出场得分。最后,阿森纳迅速将维也纳2-1逆转。

At 3:00 on October 23, Beijing time, in the first round of the Europa League group stage, Spurs played Linz at home. In the first half, Holland retired from an injury, Vinicius header missed, Vinicius assisted Lucas to score, Bale's pass caused Andrade owns. In the second half, Ali was resolved single-handedly, and Sun Xingmin sealed the victory at the last moment. In the end, Tottenham 3-0 Linz.


At 03:00 on October 23, Beijing time, in the first round of the Europa League group stage, AC Milan challenged the Celtics away. In the first half, Castillejo assisted Kronic with a header, and Brahim Diaz extended the score. In the second half, El Yunussi pulled one back and Hayug scored from the bench. In the end, Milan 3-1 Celtics.

北京时间10月23日凌晨03:00,在欧罗巴联赛小组赛第一轮比赛中,AC米兰将凯尔特人队挑战了。上半场,卡斯蒂列霍(Castillejo)助攻克罗尼奇(Kronic)头球攻门,布拉希姆·迪亚兹(Brahim Diaz)扩大比分。下半场,尤努西(El Yunussi)扳回一记,哈格(Hayug)从替补席上得分。最终,米兰3-1凯尔特人。

At 0:55 on October 23, Beijing time, in Group A of the first round of the Europa League group stage, the young people of Berne played at home against Rome. In the first half, Christant sent a foul and Nsamei made a push. In the second half, Dzeko assisted Bruno Perez to equalize, and Mkhitaryan made a cross from the right to help Kumubula score with a header. In the end, the score was Rome 2-1 from the young Bernese.

北京时间10月23日0:55,在欧洲联赛小组赛第一轮的A组中,伯尔尼的年轻人在主场对阵罗马。上半场,克里斯汀(Christant)犯规,恩萨梅(Nsamei)扑了过去。下半场,德科(Dzeko)协助佩鲁斯(Bruno Perez)扳平比分,姆希塔良(Mkhitaryan)从右路传中,库梅布拉(Kumubula)头球攻门。最后,比分是年轻伯尔尼人的罗马2-1。

At 00:55 on October 23, Beijing time, in the first round of the Europa League group stage, Naples played against Alkmaar at home. In the first half, Osmeen scored a goal and was blown offside, Lozano was pulled down in the penalty area, and the referee did not whistled. DeWitt scored in the second half. In the end, Naples 0-1 Alkmaar.


At 03:00 on October 23, Beijing time, in the first round of the Europa League group stage, Leicester City played against Ukrainian team Solya at home. Madison opened the scoring in the first half, and Barnes expanded the score. In the second half, Ishinajo laughed at his opponent. In the end, Leicester City 3-0 Solya.


【Thessaloniki 1-1 Omonia】


In Group E, two teams from the Greek Super League and the Cyprus First Division met in this round. In the end, the two sides relied on Bowzeac’s goals in the 16th minute and Murg’s goals in the 56th minute to tie.


[PSV Eindhoven 1-2 Granada]


Eredivisie leader Eindhoven faced La Liga team Granada in this round. The former Bundesliga golden boy Gotze, who joined the team before the transfer window closed, scored consecutive goals and stopped in stoppage time in the first half. Help Eindhoven take the lead, but the situation changed in the second half, Molina and Da Vinci scored goals within 10 minutes for Granada to complete the reversal.


[Sofia Central Army 0-2 kruges]


The two teams came from the Bulgarian Serie A and the Romanian Serie A respectively. In the end, Cluj performed even better, relying on Mario Rondon and Dejak to score two goals in the second half, retreating from the away game and taking all Three points.

两队分别来自保加利亚甲级联赛和罗马尼亚甲级联赛。最终,克鲁日的表现甚至更好,依靠马里奥·朗登(Mario Rondon)和德贾克(Dejak)在下半场取得两个进球,从客场比赛中撤出并拿下全部3分。

【敦达克 1-2 莫尔德】

【敦达克 1-2 莫尔德】

Irish team Dundak played at home against Norwegian team Molde this round. Murray scored a wonderful goal in the first half to help Dundak take the lead, but Molde's state rebounded in the second half. Power, Hussein and Omoy Juanfo have scored goals to complete the overtake.

爱尔兰队Dundak在本轮比赛中主场迎战挪威队Moulde。穆雷(Murray)在上半场打入一个出色的进球,以帮助邓达克(Dundak)取得领先,但下半场莫尔德(Molde)的状态反弹。 Power,侯赛因和Omoy Juanfo均已进球,以完成超车。

[boznan leher 2-4 Benfica]


The Portuguese Super League giant Benfica played against the Polish Super League team Poznan Lech this round. The two teams dedicated a wonderful goal battle for the fans. In the first half, Pizzi and Núñez made contributions to help Benfica get 2-1 At the beginning of the second half, Ishak scored a header to equalize the total score, and then Nunez scored two more goals in the second half to complete the hat trick and bring Benfica a good start.


【Standard Liege 0-2 Glasgow Rangers】


The veteran Soviet Super League team Glasgow Wanderers beat Liege in this round, and they finally relied on Tafernier and Rufie to score a goal each in the second half. The Wanderers took all three points from the away game and ushered in a good start to the UEFA Europa League. It is worth mentioning that Rufi scored a wonderful goal in stoppage time. It is the longest goal since the restructuring of the Europa League and will have a good chance to compete for the annual Puskas Prize.


[Beer Sheva Workers 3-1 Slavia Prague]


The super team Beer Sheva workers faced the Czech Republic team Slavia Prague in this round. Beer Sheva workers took the initiative in the whole game. Agudello broke the deadlock at the end of the first half, and then General Ward helped Slavia equalize in the 75th minute, and Akolaze scored twice within two minutes 10 minutes before the end of the game to help Beer Sheva workers seal the victory.

在这一回合中,超级球队比尔·谢瓦(Beer Sheva)的工作人员面对了捷克共和国布拉格队(Slavia Prague)。整个比赛中Beer Sheva的工人都处于主动状态。阿古杜洛在上半场结束时打破了僵局,然后沃德将军在第75分钟帮助斯拉维亚扳平比分,阿科拉泽在比赛结束前10分钟的两分钟内两分钟内得分两次,以帮助比尔·谢瓦(Beer Sheva)工人们取得胜利。

【勒沃库森 6-2 尼斯】

【勒沃库森 6-2 尼斯】

The Bundesliga powerhouse Leverkusen played against the French Ligue 1 team Nice this round. The two sides of the game dedicated a wonderful goal battle for the fans, especially in the second half of the two sides scored 5 goals, Bayer Rabbi finished Scored twice, Amiri, Arario, Diaby, and Wiertz respectively made contributions; Guiri and Mauris scored in the Nice side.


[rijka 0-1 Royal Society]

[rijka 0-1皇家学会]

【Liberec 1-0 Ghent】

1-0 Liberec 1-0根特】

The Czech Republic team Liberec played at home against the first team Ghent this round. Relying on Abdullah Hilal’s 29th minute winning goal, Liberec took all three points at home and welcomed Europe. United start to a good start.

捷克共和国的利贝雷茨队本轮在主场对阵一线的根特队比赛。依靠阿卜杜拉·希拉勒(Abdullah Hilal)第29分钟的获胜进球,利贝雷茨在主场获得了三分,并欢迎欧洲。曼联开局良好。

【Hoffenheim 2-0 Belgrade Red Star】


In this game, Hoffenheim played at home against the Red Star of Belgrade. Baumgartner helped Hoffenheim win the first half in the first half. Since then, neither of the two sides has made any achievements. In stoppage time, Dabr will play Hoffen again. Heim sealed the victory.


[Braga 3-0 AEK Athens]


The Portuguese Super League team Braga played against the Greek Super team Athens AEK this round. Braga performed better in the whole game. Paulinho gave a pass, Galeno and Horta made contributions, and Braga finally played at home. Three goals defeated AEK Athens.

葡萄牙超级联赛球队布拉加在本轮对阵希腊超级球队雅典AEK的比赛中。布拉加在整个比赛中表现更好。 Paulinho传球,Galeno和Horta贡献了力量,Braga终于在家里踢球。三个进球击败了雅典AEK。

【Villarreal 5-3 Sivas Sports】

【Villarreal 5-3 Sivas体育】

In this campaign, Huang Qian played at home against the Turkish Super League team Sivas Sports. The two sides jointly dedicated a scoring feast for the fans. The two teams evenly split in the first 70 minutes and reached a 3-3 tie. In the last 20 minutes, Paco, who came on the bench, finished May He helped Villarreal to get a good start for the second time. It is worth mentioning that Japanese teenager Kuan Jianying scored a goal that broke the deadlock for the team, and he completed two passes and one shot in the whole game. Wonderful performance.

在这次竞选中,黄谦主场对阵土耳其超级联赛球队Sivas Sports。双方共同为球迷们献上了一场得分盛宴。这两支球队在前70分钟内平分秋色,并以3-3并列平局。在最后20分钟内,替补席上的帕科(Paco)结束了五月,他第二次帮助比利亚雷亚尔(Villarreal)取得了良好的开局。值得一提的是,日本少年关建英打入一球打破了球队的僵局,在整场比赛中他完成了两次传球和一次射门。精彩的表演。

[Tel Aviv makabi 1-0 Karabakh]


The super team Maccabi Tel Aviv played at home against Azerbaijan’s First Division team Karabakh. Cohen took the lead in the 10th minute for Maccabi. Then both teams had some chances to score but could not grasp it. In the end, Maccabi Tel Aviv Than take three points at home.


[Wolfsberg 1-1 central army of Moscow]


The Austrian Super League team Wolfsberg faced Russian Super League team CSKA Moscow this round. Gage completed a blitz in the opening 5 minutes to help CSKA take the lead, but before the end of the first half, Lindel shot Wolfsberg Equalized the score, and finally the whole game stopped, and the two sides shook hands 1-1.


[0-0 Feyenoord, Dinamo, Zagreb]


In this campaign, the Croatian team Dinamo Zagreb played at home against Eredivisie strongman Feyenoord. The two teams played in a dull game and did not create too many opportunities to score. Boguiz lost a penalty in the first half The ball missed the opportunity to help Feyenoord take the lead. In the second half, Senesi turned two yellows and one red and was sent off. In the end, the two teams drew 0-0.


[Sparta Prague 1-4 lire]


【卢多戈雷茨 1-2 安特卫普】

【卢多戈雷茨 1-2 安特卫普】

In the first half of the match, Ludogorets played at home against the first half of the match. At the beginning of the second half, Marin took the lead for Ludogorets, but then Gerkens And Rafalov successively made contributions to help Antwerp complete the reversal.


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